Frequently Asked Questions

number2Do I really need to install a filter in my heating and A/C systems?

Absolutely! The air filter’s primary function is to keep the inside of your equipment and air ducts clean. If your system gets dirty or clogged due to inadequate filtration, your electric bills will increase, your home’s air quality will suffer and your equipment’s lifespan could be reduced by as much as half!

number1How often should I replace my filter?

The answer really depends on what kind of filters you are using and how often your system is running. If you are using the cheap fiberglass filters, they need to be changed at least once a month. If you are using the “90-day” filters, you should be aware that they rarely last for 3 months if you use your heating or cooling systems on a regular basis. When you use your system often, particularly in the summer, these filters should really be changed every two months. Contact us if you have further questions about how to best maintain your heating and cooling systems.

numberHow often should I get my system cleaned?

Your air conditioning and heating systems should get a thorough cleaning and assessment once a year. A yearly maintenance visit will help ensure that they are working to full capacity, the air quality remains high, and your electric bills stay low. The last thing you want is for your A/C to die on a hot summer day or your heat to go out on a cold winter night.

number12My air conditioner keeps tripping the electrical breaker. What should I do?

This issue is a function of that particular circuit being overloaded, which could either be a result of a problem with your A/C system itself or the way it was wired into your circuit breaker. If this is a persistent problem, leave the circuit breaker alone and contact us. Your best bet is to have us come in and inspect your system to determine the cause and address it.

number11What should I do if my heating system is making noise but not producing any heat?

First, make sure your thermostat is set properly and if it is and is still not working, turn it off for safety reasons and contact us. We will come and assess your system in-person to determine the cause of the issue and remedy it.

number10Why does it smell so bad when I first turn on my heater?

The odor you are smelling happens due to poor filtration and lack of use. Over the summer months, dust, dander, and debris get past your air filters and build up within your ducts. When you first start using the heat again, this layer of contaminants starts to burn off, creating that unpleasant smell. Having your filters changed and ducts cleaned will both eliminate the odor and improve the air quality. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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