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If you’re looking to replace your fireplace, install a new one, or get your existing one repaired, ICE can help.

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Nothing’s Better Than An ICE Fireplace In Winter

The Las Vegas valley gets pretty chilly in winter. So nothing beats relaxing in front of a cozy fireplace. Is your current fireplace working correctly? Or do you need an attractive new one installed? Whether it’s repairs or installations, our experienced team has you covered.

number2What type of fireplace is best for my home?

Demand for fireplaces in Las Vegas is hot right now. Homeowners and buyers love the idea of coming home to a welcoming fireplace. Here’s an overview of the different types. 

Fire Boxes 

Tall and elegant, fire boxes use glass and gas burners rather than logs. Heat tempered glass fronts make fire boxes a safe choice for families with small children or pets. Modern fireplaces are energy efficient so more of the heat from the flames goes to heat your home. 


Prefer a more classic design? Get a beautifully designed fireplace in a variety of effects such as granite or marble. You can create a centerpiece to the room that adds value to your home as well as being a focal point. 


There is a huge choice in the design of electric fireplaces. Go for modem or traditional, wall-mounted or freestanding. Electric fireplaces are safe and easy to install. 


Attractive gas fireplaces have always been a popular choice if your home runs on gas and has a chimney. No chimney? That’s not necessarily a problem because ventless gas fireplaces don’t need one. 

number1Do I need a fireplace repair, or a new fireplace?

Fireplace looking frazzled? Or does it need some serious repairs?


Maybe you want a new look for your home. In these cases, a replacement is a good choice. And fireplace installations can cost less than you think.


New fireplaces are more energy efficient, so you save money on bills. 


Fireplaces typically last up to 15 years so it’s important to consider how long a repair job would last on an old fireplace too. 


If you’re happy with how your fireplace looks, and it only has minor operational issues, we may be able to just repair it.


ICE Heating Cooling and Plumbing professionals never recommend a new fireplace installation if a simple repair will do the job.

numberHow much is a new fireplace?

First let’s consider gas.


The cost of fireplaces ranges from around $2,500, rising to about $3,000. If you’re on a budget you may like to consider electrical fireplaces, which can easily cost less than $1,000. 


So what affects the cost of fireplaces? 


  • How big the fireplace installation is
  • If you opt for a gas fireplace, whether you have a gas line already installed
  • Wall mounted fireplaces are generally cheaper  
  • How complicated the fireplace installation is. Is it in a small space? Do you want to switch from gas to electric or back again? 
number12What size fireplace should I get?

In the end, this is a very personal choice.


Most traditional fireplaces including the surround should occupy around half or two thirds of the height of the room.


So if you have a large room, a larger fireplace can make a real statement. 


Then again, a smaller fireplace in a minimalist or modern room can look really elegant.


Smaller fireplaces are inexpensive and can heat a compact space efficiently.

number11How often should I arrange fireplace maintenance?

A gas fireplace should be looked at by a professional every year.

While gas fireplaces avoid all the dirty problems of old style fireplaces they still get dirty. 

The flue, chimney and vents can all collect debris and make your fireplace inefficient and prone to breaking down.

Ornamental logs and other components such as glass all deteriorate over time as well. 

Any type of fireplace becomes a potential danger when not properly maintained so it’s important to call in the ICE Heating Cooling and Plumbing team for a quick check. 

Learn more about fireplace maintenance here

number10What kind of energy efficient fireplaces are there?

Electric fireplaces are the best in terms of energy efficiency, and they’re totally clean too. After all, there are no gas lines and certainly no wood.


As soon as you turn it off, it’s off and not consuming anything. 


And if you already get your energy from a green source such as solar panels, your environmental impact will be practically nothing. 


Gas fireplaces are a good choice for the environment too. Glass fronted fireplace designs allow more heat to enter your home instead of being lost into the chimney. 


ICE can advise you on which energy efficient fireplaces are the best for you.

New Installations & Replacements

Do you need a totally new fireplace in your home? Or replace your existing one? Our team will give you our advice for the best fireplace for your lifestyle and needs.


Scheduled maintenance means your fireplace won’t let you down, this winter or next.

And it will run efficiently and cleanly for years to come. Avoid nasty surprises and unexpected repair bills. 

When you’re a member of our Comfort Club we handle all your maintenance for a regular, low fee.


Fireplace not working properly? Are there strange noises, or can you smell gas?

If you have an emergency with your fireplace we’re ready to help 24/7.