Do You Need The Most Reliable Heating Repair Service Las Vegas Has To Offer?

No matter the issue with your heating, the ICE Heating Cooling and Plumbing crew will know what to do.

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ICE Heating Cooling and Plumbing Is The Best In The Business At Heating Repair

We’ve seen it all, so we can get right to the heart of your heating problem. Your home will be cozy again before you know it. 

number2Why does my heating have poor airflow?

If your heating has started to get really weak, it could be for a number of reasons. 

  • Something is stuck inside the heater 
  • A dust buildup 
  • Problems with the fan: motor, belt or blades 

Our technicians will come in and fix the source of the problem for you.

number1Should I be concerned about the heating making a noise?

Yes, if it’s loud. Heating does make noises naturally as it expands and contracts. But a loud noise that’s just started happening is a cause for concern. 


Also a clicking sound indicates a number of components that could be damaged inside. Get this seen to sharp because damaged heating is a fire risk.

numberIs it normal for one room to be much hotter than the rest?

Not if it didn’t use to be. When this happens it’s often a problem with the return air vents. There could be a blockage or they could be damaged inside. It’s relatively simple for us to figure out the problem and fix it. 

Problems Turning Heating On Or Off

Let us know if you have any of these issues in your home and our licensed team will be happy to help. 

My Heating Is Faulty

Do you have any of these issues? If you can smell burning or gas, turn off your heating immediately and call our emergency service number